Lost addresses

Email addresses are changing frequently, also those of the SportSoftware users. If I don’t get an information about this, then this club will never more receive the SportSoftware News.
Below you find a list of all invalid addresses. If yours is included here or that one of one of your friends, then please tell me the new address!

Status of: 7.3.2016

Name Club Country
Geoff Todkill Newcastle OC AUS
Daniel Oligny Relais du Lac Memphremagog CAN
Jan Grooss Rönne IK DEN
Marta Armisén CDEO Getafe ESP
Antonio Gil Poveda CE Colivenc ESP
Gérard Abgrall UNSS Finistere FRA
Joel Bourrinet CDCO de Feuillade FRA
Veronique Cagniart UNSS Dordogne FRA
Joel Fiévet N.O.R.D FRA
Jean-Claude Gallet UNSS Ardeche FRA
Laetitia Picard UNSS Auvergne FRA
Jörg Beyer OL-Team Wehrsdorf GER
Laszlo Blum SZU HUN
Karoly Meszaros Tata TTT-HSE HUN
Ryszard Chachurski WMZBn Warzawa POL
Cesario Ferreira AD de Cabroelo POR
Manuel Friedrich Unitas Malcantone SUI
Manuel Hartmann BASPO Sportschule Magglingen SUI
Howard Montgomery NE Ohio OC USA