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On SportSoftware online, you will find everything about my software which I had developed for organising sports events. In the orienteering sport, my software is well-known and used all over the world. Click here if you want to know more about myself.

EventorManager V11.0 update (01.02.2016)

From 1.1.2016 on, Eventor has changed its way of calculating clock times. Now the start and finish times are handled independently of time zones. This new version of EventorManager supports that. There is also a fix which works around Eventor Sweden’s new download of long club names, so that the short club names are there again.
All users can use the Check for updates function in EventorManager to download the new setup and update their installation.

OE2010 help in Spanish released (17.12.2015)

Since this year, Spain is the leading country in the world with the most licenses of the SportSoftware V11.Currently there are 112 licenses of OE2010, OS2010 and OEScore, and the number is still increasing. Many thanks to the Spanish O Federation FEDO who acts as the exclusive reseller of the SportSoftware in Spain. Together with FEDO, I set up a project to translate the help file into Spanish. Now we are working on that for more than one year and now we have a first version ready which you all can use! This is not yet complete but it already covers all the topics which an average user will need.
My special thanks go to our translation team who will continue until the OE2010 help is completed and maybe also the OS2010 help later. These are the members of the team: Antonio Vázquez Ruiz (GOD Albacete), Maribel Barrigüete Andreu (ADOL), David Román Moltó (CE Colivenc), José Manuel Prieto Garcia (Ori Colmenar), Ángel Espina Lobeto (Pilona Deporte), and Juan Carlos de Pablo Robredo (Imperdible O).
Use the Check for updates function in OE2010 to download and install the new Spanish help file and the additional PDF handbook. Then reselect the Spanish language to get it working. Of course you can also download the files manually from the support page for Spain or the SportSoftware V11 download page.

OE2010 V.11.0, OS2010 and OEScore V.11.0 Updates (15.09.2015)

These are new updates for the registered OE2010, OS2010 and OEScore users.
There are many small but helpful improvements which are mostly common to all three main applications. All known bugs had been fixed.
Use the Check for updates function in OE2010/OS2010/OEScore to download the new setups, the additional PDF handbooks and the translated help files. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button at the right to get them.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE2010/OS2010/OEScore license.
Updates can be ordered through the Online shop (use the button at the right) or from the author directly.